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Furness Show 2-28: HS Hoops, Seahawks Latest, Mick Hoffman

Furness Show 2-27: NFL Combine, Corbin Smith and Gary Parrish

John Schneider spoke at the NFL Combine today and Ian tries to read between the lines, especially when it comes to the quarterback. What does it mean that "Geno Smith is the quarterback until he's not? Corbin Smith, Seahawks Maven and Locked on Seahawks joins us from the combine and thinks it's pretty clear that Geno Smith will be with the Seahawks this year. Where does Drew Lock fit in? There are other options for Lock around the league, but Corbin doesn't see any natural landing spots around the league that would be better than Seattle. Corbin also gives us some insight on what's next for Will Dissly, and knows the Seahawks will have to do something with his contract to be able to afford him. Gary Parrish, CBS Sports joins Ian to give us the latest landscape as we are on the cusp of March. What do the early looks at the potential seedings tell us? Plus, who are the brightest stars that we'll see next in the NBA? People might be surprised by what Gary thinks about Bronny James.

Furness Show 2-26: Mollywhop Monday, Chris Crawford and Nathan Bishop, College Hoops

Heartbreaker for the Cougs on Saturday night losing to Arizona State and it still hurts Ian. The Seahawks aren't heading to the combine this year under their new coaching staff and Ian doesn't think it's a huge deal with the way things have changed. Ian can't wait to see what Michael Penix does in his throwing session. Mollywhop Monday! Nathan Bishop and Chris Crawford join us for an early look at the Mariners as they took the field for the first time in spring training this weekend. Chris is concerned with who stays healthy coming out of camp above all and calls this potentially one of the most important spring trainings for the team. The guys give their 'on paper' grades for the Mariners' off-season. Nate feels as though this roster has more answers than he's seen from the team in a really long time. The Cougs broke our hearts on Saturday night, but we'll get over it. Ian had the chance to talk to Kyle Smith last week and asked the money question, what would he tell Cougar fans who fear his departure? His answer shows commitment to Pullman, but Ian is worried that another school in the state might actually makes sense. Also, what in the world is the NCAA considering doing to the tournament? Jay Bilas torches them for even thinking about it. Ian knows that it's the interactive component that makes March Madness special and watering down the tournament would take away from it.

Washington State Head Basketball Coach Kyle Smith

At the height of WSU basketball success, Kyle Smith tells Ian what he loves about his team, and why he loves being a Coug.

Furness Show with Mike Benton! 2-23: Matt Chazanow, Bucky and Dave Hakstol

Matt Chazanow, Voice of the Cougars puts last night into his top five games of all he's ever called, explains what it means for the team. He doesn't see a potential downfall for WSU the rest of this season and isn't convinced the Arizona State game tomorrow night is a trap game. Bucky Jacobsen joins us to give the landscape of the Mariners, plus what it's like inside Hugh Millen's house. Bucky might never come home. Bucky breaks down what the lineup looks like from a 'healthy' perspective, but 'potential' doesn't mean anything until they go out there and do it. While Bucky would love to have Blake Snell as a part of this rotation, he doesn't think it's worth the sacrifice for what you'd have to give up in the future, from a financial standpoint. Dave Hakstol, Kraken Head Coach joins to talk about the 5-2 win over the Canucks last night, but he does say it's a quick turnaround. What did the regular season series tell him about the way the Kraken handled Vancouver last night? Coach tells us what the future looks like for the team.

Furness Show 2-22: Dan Wilson, Chuck Powell and Dave Tomlinson

Dan Wilson, Mariners Great joins to tell us more about Heart Health Day and why it's so important to him. Plus, as a former catcher, what does he see in Cal Raleigh? Who or what gives Dan optimism for this upcoming Mariners season? Chuck Powell joins us from Peoria to give us insight from Mariners camp. There's a significant emphasis to starting out strong this year, as they failed to capitalize off the momentum at the beginning of the season last year. Dave Tomlinson, Canucks Analyst tells Ian what should give Kraken fans confidence that they could make the post-season this year. The next few weeks are pivotal for this team. Managing nerves in tight games will be critical. How important is the Washington State game tonight against Arizona? Gary Parrish says maintaining their national ranking will depend more on Saturday's game against Arizona State than tonight's against Arizona. College basketball is way more about avoiding the big loss, rather than achieving a huge upset win.

Ian Furness 2-21: Spring Training, Bucky Jacobsen and Steve Palazzolo

Why are there haters in all spaces and how do athletes tune them out? Bucky Jacobsen joins from Spring Training to let us know what things look like in Peoria. He tells us what the lineup looks like, given the new additions and some insight on just how strong the rotation could be. Ian's excited for an actual designated hitter, while Bucky agrees, things have changed in baseball with the DH role. In addition, Bucky takes us deep inside the mechanics of hitting and what a player may focus on while improving or attempting to do so.Steve Palazzolo, Pro Football Focus tells Ian the biggest names on the Seahawks' cut list, what the tight end room looks like and the part Will Dissly plays in their future, or elsewhere. Who are the biggest pieces for the Seahawks this season?

The Ian Furness Show 2-20: College Athletics, Chuck Powell, Daily Power Play, Gary Parrish.

The state of college athletics is exhausting at this point. But perhaps it's only in this area, as we still see the atmosphere alive and well in other areas. How can we get excited about the Mariners where they are right now? Well, what we're hearing on the morning show certainly is a reason to get fired up. Cal Raleigh told Chuck and Buck this morning that Seattle wants him here. How much could Scott Boras play a part in making that happen, or making sure it doesn't? Cal certainly made a case for him to be coveted, especially as a catcher. Chuck Powell joins us from Peoria and says what a special player Cal Raleigh is and doesn't see a reason why he wouldn't be a Mariner for the long haul. Plus, who could surprise us in the rotation this season? Daily Power Play! The Kraken have had moments of greatness, but also quite a lot of frustration. Despite that, they're still hanging around. Gary Parrish, CBS Sports joins Ian as we are just weeks away from Selection Sunday! How about them Cougs! What are the most important games left on their schedule and what are the chances they could make a real run during March? Plus, who are the true contenders at the top of the food chain right now.

The Ian Furness Show 2-16: Ian Rapoport, Best of the Week, Daily Power Play, Rob Rang.

Ian Rapoport joins the show off the top to talk about the roster deadline today, the Jimmy Garoppolo suspension, and much more. We react to some of the best audio on the Ian Furness Show from this week with cuts from Manny Acta, Mike Holmgren, and Bob Whitsitt. Daily Power Play after Kraken win in Boston last night. Rob Rang joins the show to talk about the draft combine invites, who got invited? Who got snubbed? Checking the Tullamore Dew Textline. Cross Talk with Softy.

Furness Show 2-15: Seahawks hires, Aden Durde and Bob Whitsitt

Bob Whitsitt, Former Seattle Sports Executive joins Ian to fill us in on his latest venture. It sure sounds like if and when the Sonics come back, he wants a part of the action. He also talked about working with Paul Allen, who he says he was a great owner and one people would want to work for. Bob Whitsitt continues on with Ian to talk about how Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton became Sonics.