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Russell Wilson is no longer a Seahawk and KJR is now on 93.3 FM!

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Never say never in sports. Especially professional sports. Today, never happened. Russell Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos. If that wasn’t enough, the team then informed Bobby Wagner he was going to be released.

While the dust has not completely settled on these moves and the aftershocks will be felt for a long time, there are some things to keep in mind.

·Russell Wilson wanted this trade to happen. Anyone who says different is lying, He had a no trade clause. That means he would not be moved unless he WANTED to be traded. That is not something that is an opinion or up for debate. It is a fact.

·It is March 8th. The season begins in September. Sure today feels like the team is in a rebuild. But I would ask you this. What does a rebuild in the NFL look like? It starts with the quarterback. But the roster is not bare. Teams with talent like DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jamal Adams, Jordyn Brooks and others is not in a rebuild mode.

·It may sound strange to hear but with draft equity, cap room and free agency all coming up in the next few weeks and months Seahawks fans now have some things to look forward to and.. this is still a front office that did build a Super Bowl winner. It feels like they lost their way somewhere, but I am convinced that that happened for two reasons: one they took some chances because their roster was deep enough to do so and two, because they were trying to appease the franchise QB.

Oh, and selfishly, this entire day was something else because what should have been a massive announcement for sports fans in the area (no not the Kraken extending McCann) almost took a back seat. Sports Radio 950 KJR is now Sports Radio 93.3 on the FM. Yes, sports talk on the FM dial.

And it is only Tuesday….

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