Chuck and Buck in the Morning

Chuck and Buck in the Morning

Chuck and Buck in the Morning

H3: 12-8 The Ocho, Daily Stove and the Heisman Trophy Ceremony.

H2: 12-8 Headlines and Gregg Bell live from Boston. FoF and Ohtani Watch.

Headlines and Gregg Bell live from Boston. Gregg (Tacoma News Tribune) joins us to talk Hawks at 49ers and Army/Navy. FoF and Ohtani Watch.

H1: 12-8 Bucky's back and it's a Football Friday! Is Brock Purdy really MVP material? Softy live from New York and No Cliche Keys to Victory.

Bucky's back and it's a Football Friday! Is Brock Purdy really MVP material? Softy live from New York ahead of the Heisman Trophy Ceremony tomorrow and No Cliche Keys to Victory.

H4: 12-7 Beat Bucky, Mike Sando and One Last Thing.

Beat Bucky- Bucky doesn’t need to be here for listeners to beat him! Mike Sando (The AThletic) makes his weekly visit and gives us his thoughts on the Seahawks and the rest of the news around the NFL. One Last Thing and Shohei rumors?

H3: 12-7 12th man Roundtable

12th Man Roundtable with Gregg Bell, Ian Furness and Hugh Millen The guys discuss the Jamal Adams situation and look ahead to the Seahawks at 49ers on Sunday and make their predictions.

H2: 12-7 Headlines and Cam Cleeland, TNF & FoF and Mariners fans are angry.

Cam couldn’t join us yesterday, so we catch up with him today to discuss the Pac-12 Champion Huskies. TNF- Patriots vs Steelers and the future of the Patriots post-Belichik. Ashley makes her FoF pick It’s fair to be angry right now Mariners fans.

H1: 12-7 Addressing the Jamal Adams situation, Daily Stove, paper airplanes and Fantasy Football.

Jamal Adams- Chuck and Ashley discuss the social media incident and the safety’s failure to apologize. Pete said he talked with Adams, then Adams doubled down. It’s similar to the DK situation from earlier this year… do the Seahawks have a problem on their hands? Daily Stove: Soto to the Yankees and Ohtani watch continues. Paper airplane failures and Fantasy Football crunch time.

H4: 12-6 Daily Stove, Al Kinisky & One Last Thing

Daily Stove The Mariners have got a lot of people very fired up and rightfully so. So, how can this front office operate on a limited budget? They can start shopping prospects; that’s why you have them! Al Kinisky makes his weekly visit to give us the latest on the Kraken as they begin a homestand tomorrow and the call-up of Ryker Evans and how he expects him to contribute. One Last thing

H3: 12-6 Huskies storylines, Daniel Kramer and are the 49ers beatable?

No Cam Cleeland today, he is out sick, so we discuss the Huskies storylines this season and just how many big moments this team has had. Timeliness is everything and the Huskies seem to have it in spades. Daniel Kramer ( joins us live from the Winter Meetings. He isn’t expecting anything from the Mariners, but does say that Soto to the Yankees is seeming more and more likely to happen today. Are the 49ers beatable?

H2: 12-6 Headlines and Gregg Bell, FSU, FoF and Reckless at Breakfast.

Gregg Bell (Tacoma News Tribune) joins us with the latest 12th Man News and how the Seahawks might be better prepared to face the 49ers this time around. The controversy continues as FSU was left out of the CFP final four. Do they have a case to sue? Chuck makes his FoF Pick Reckless at Breakfast How can we fix the Winter meetings? How about adding in a 2nd trade deadline and creating a frenzy?