H4: 6-10 More on the MLB trade rumors, Caitlin Clark's Olympic controversy,

Nightengale also reporting that teams have already submitted packages to trade for Luis Robert Jr- Braves among the team interested, but the rumor is that the White Sox are asking for too much.

Caitlin Clark left off the US Olympic Team- the decision has caused a lot of discussion

Was she not chosen because they were taking the 12 best players or was it because the other players on the roster didn’t want her on there because she’s getting too much attention?

:30- Justin Toole- Mariners Director of Player Development joins us to discuss the expectations for some of the Mariners younger players.

He spoke about Tyler Locklear and his MLB debut, Ryan Bliss and Logan Evans who is making waves in the minors.

:45- We wrap up our Monday show with One Last Thing!

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