H3: 6-10 M's avoid the sweep in KC, One Series recap and MLB trade rumors.

Mariners avoid the sweep in Kansas City, but it was not the most enjoyable baseball that we’ve seen.

M’s blew 3 leads, but managed to hold-on on Sunday to avoid the sweep. How concerned should we be about the bullpen?

Keys to making it through this season and locking up a playoff spot?

The pitching staff has an ERA in the bottom 10 of the league on the road.

:30- Seahawks One Series Recap- we revisit our conversation with Jacson Bevens about his expectations for JSN in his 2nd season.

Jacson predicts that JSN will overtake Lockett, so we discuss how this offense will shake out under Grubb.

:45- We talked a lot last week about trading for Luis Robert Jr or Vladimir Guererro Jr- so where does that stand today?

Bob Nightengale had a report over the weekend stating the Cubs have privately discussed a Vlad Jr trade, but the non-story is in the details; he never claimed they discussed it with the Blue Jays, just that they discussed it privately within their own organization.

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