H1: 6-10 The Mariners weekend in KC, Mariners Morning After and Coach Bucky

The Mariners weekend in Kansas City…

Mariners start off the series putting up 7 runs, but Miller struggles and the pitching can’t hold off the Royals. Mariners fall 10-9 in a game reminiscent of 2022.

Saturday’s game started off with a JP homerun, but the Mariners couldn’t hold off the Royals bats and fell 8-4.

Sunday started off just like Saturday, but it was a pitching duel, that the Mariners ended up winning in the 10th 6-5.

:30- Mariners Morning After- Kirby goes 7 innings, giving up 1 run, but the bullpen can’t close it out, and the Royals tie it up in the 9th. The Mariners weren’t giving up though and Julio and Cal come through to give the Mariners a 6-5 win.

:45- Coach Bucky is back and lathered up after a sunny weekend.

- How good of a coach is Perry Hill?

- Coach Bucky got to see the challenge system up close and personal in Tacoma on Friday- what does he think of it?

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