Softy and Dick's Inaugural P.O.S. Board (Pit of Stupidity)

After too many applications to count and a meticulous selection process that ended on Tuesday, Softy and Dick's new show board, officially called the P.O.S. Board (Pit of Stupidity), has been finalized! Earlier today, Softy, Dick and Jackson each picked three people to be part of the inaugural nine person board, with thanks to Simply Seattle, The Ram, and Lakeland Village.

P.O.S. Board positions will last for one calendar year, so don't worry if you didn't make the cut this time around. But in case you missed the show today, listen to the full segment below as the trio announced their selections via a draft, plus see the first nine members of the board further down!

Pablo Tyler, Selected by Softy

"Looking forward to talking all things Seattle sports, and seeing what these other knuckleheads have to say. Finally get this show going on the right track, eh?"

Theresa Olson, Selected by Softy

"Being on the board means that I will get to have a voice in my favorite radio sports coverage. I am a huge sports fan and feel that sports and teams play an important role in our lives and community. I’m eager to provide a woman’s perspective because not all hard-core, ticket-buying, swag-wearing, fans are men."

Paul Somerstein, Selected by Softy

"Humbled and honored that my incoherent ramblings about sports will reach a wider swath of the public than my wife and kids who, by the way, are very tired of hearing about the updated heights and weights of UW Football players."

Zahn Brooks, Selected by Dick

"This is going to be awesome, looking forward to talking about sports with some of Seattle's biggest sports fans on this board! My whole life I’ve annoyed friends and family with sports gossip, can’t wait to do that with some fellow die-hards! Looking forward to nerding out over sports this year with you all!"

Michael Seymour, Selected by Dick

"I am proud and honored to be a founding member of this POS team. I look forward to collaborating with the Board, Dick and Softy, making the world a better place, by creating official sports policy."

Donald Anderson, Selected by Dick

"Wow, what an honor!! Well, not really, but that seems like the correct thing to say! While I am excited to be a charter member of the POS Board, I am telling my friends and family that it is the Professional Opinionators of Sports Board. It probably won't take them long to correlate stupidity with the board!"

John Garrett, Selected by Jackson

"I'm just here for the beer #EmbraceTheGrind #TrustTheProcess #Blessed"

Jack Norris, Selected by Jackson

"I am beyond excited to be a part of the inaugural show board! It means so much to me to be able to take an active role in the Seattle sports media landscape and join 8 other passionate fans like myself in the venture."

Paul Cullin, Selected by Jackson

"Being on the POS Board to me is a chance to finally share my opinions with a much larger audience of people who don't care! But seriously it's a crazy opportunity to engage with a community about my biggest passion - Seattle sports - and I'm so thankful to be included!"

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