Entry: 8/28/2022

Mariners defeated Cleveland 4-0 today...

Dear Diary,

The Guardians had Daddy issues today.

Robbie Ray, the grunting tight-pantsed southpaw we've affectionately been referring to as "Daddy" on the morning show, showed Cleveland he could be stern without once raising his right hand in anger (raised the left one 103 times though). He had no need to remove his belt to let the opponent know he meant business. And yet he reminded the Guardians that he's not the bad guy, grounding their offense for only a day, and now they're free to run home and play Baltimore.

Daddy went to work alright, Diary.

Lunch pail in hand, he blanked Cleveland over seven innings, allowing just three hits. And now he just wants to sit in his chair and maybe have the big piece of chicken to celebrate the day's accomplishments.

Seattle takes three games out of four from a first place team this weekend, Diary. And they came oh-so-close to a sweep, reminding us again that they typically play their best against better competition. That will need to change, as Seattle plays the weakest schedule in baseball the rest of the way--a beleaguered Detroit squad coming next. Daddy won't pitch in Motown. But that doesn't mean Papa won't preach.

If Ray & the gang can simply beat who they're supposed to beat the rest of the way, the Mariners will ease into the postseason, and that's when the strengths of the Seattle roster will make them a dangerous team. Defense and pitching win in the postseason, I'm sure you've heard that one before. Well, the Mariners have committed the fewest errors (46) in baseball, the bullpen currently ranks 2nd in base runners allowed & no one that makes the playoffs wants Mom to be seen with any other starting rotation than...



& Kirby

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