WATCH: Teslas Explode, Ammo Goes Off During Wild House Fire In Lynnwood

A "chaotic" scene unfolded in a Seattle neighborhood during a disastrous home fire, according to KIRO 7.

A house fire near Larch Way and 208th Place in Lynnwood caused ammunition stored in the garage to fly everywhere, reporters learned from witnesses. On top of that, two Teslas parked in the driveway reportedly exploded during the fire. A bystander recorded the shocking incident and shared it with the news station.

Mark Nguyen, who lives next door, says he ran outside after hearing loud noises.

“I start freaking out, ran outside. I saw that their house was on fire,” Nguyen told reporters. “That’s when I was like, ‘Yeah, I got to get everybody out the house.’”

South County Fire quickly responded to the scene but had to deal with stray bullets and the burning Teslas. Electric cars have lithium-ion batteries, which burn hotter and faster than other fire hazards, according to the National Transit Safety Board. It's also difficult to contain since firefighters have to pour water directly on the battery compartment to douse the fire.

Firefighters initially stayed away from the scene due to the flying ammo, but once the coast was clear, they were able to take care of the Teslas and the house fire, KIRO 7 says.

No word on what caused the fire, but investigators say the electric cars weren't the cause. Unfortunately, the family living there reportedly lost everything.

“Before they boarded it up, you can see just straight to the back — everything,” said Nguyen. “The walls and ceilings are gone.”

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