Bucky's Mailbag: Cold weather, cold bats

Question from Big Mike in Tacoma: Hey Bucky, could the cooler weather play a factor in the kid's bats warming up?? I hated playing in colder weather, my body was not the same as in warmer weather. Thanks brother…Big Mike in Tacoma

Well, Big Mike, I am going to channel a little Ed Cheff when it comes to your mentality when you played and say, “toughen the #### up”! When it comes to playing in weather, it is the same for everyone, so mentality is the differentiator. So often when it is cold or raining, windy or silly humid the team that has more guys willing to accept the challenge will win many of the little battles that take place throughout the game. Which at times will be the key factor in a victory.

To address the main point of your question: Yes! The bats will heat up for some. The distance of batted balls is the main thing that changes with warmer weather. Those with real power are not as affected by cooler temperatures, ya just simply crush it thru that cold ass air. Now if you “just missed” a ball early in the year it will come down on the track versus in the seats. But like I said that is going to happen more often to those that have “pop” but not “real power.” So, guys like JP, Ty France, even Winker will not have to get “all of it” to ride one out as the weather gets warmer. Guys like Julio and Suarez will get rewarded with a homer when they catch even less of it. For our squad we have more guys with Pop than guys with Power, so I am expecting an uptick in power numbers as the summer moves along, which will help the offensive numbers. All that said, overall offense should not be drastically different simply because of higher temperatures.

Final Ed Cheff’ism: “Hit the F##### ball hard and make s#*t happen!”

Thx for the question, Big Mike!

Bucky Jacobsen #33

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