Seahawks One Series: Chuck's One Big Takeaway

For a second consecutive June, Chuck & Buck in the Morning are delivering for you a daily feature segment called "The One Series". One Seahawks insider/analyst/writer joins us each day to break down one key Seahawk player for one entire interview. The series launched with Seahawks reporter Corbin Smith (@CorbinSmithNFL). As part of the series, we allow our guest to choose the player he/she wishes to analyze. Smith chose 3rd year pro (but 2nd year player) Darrell Taylor. This blog is dedicated to my "One Big Takeaway" from each entry of the "One Series". 


Smith had glowing things to share about Taylor. 

Smith on Taylor's talent: "He's going to be playing that outside hybrid Defensive End (this year), and that really caters to his strengths, because his explosiveness off the line-of-scrimmage is elite."

Smith on Taylor's role in an adjusted Seahawks defensive scheme that will play more 3-4 this season: "I think this scheme is a perfect fit for him."

Smith on Taylor's future: When asked which 3 players on the Seahawks roster would you build around? Smith answered "DK, Jordyn Brooks, and I'd go with Taylor. Pass rush is just such a premium position, and he's such a great talent."

But the "One Big Takeaway" I had from our conversation with Smith was his analysis of Darrell Taylor's upside as a pass rusher: "I think this is a guy who can get you 10 to 12 sacks this year, in this scheme. I truly believe he is THE breakout candidate on either side of the ball (for the Seahawks)."

Taylor finished with 6.5 sacks during his first full season as a professional. But he led the Seahawks in 2021 with 36 pressures. A couple of adjustments to his technique, a little experience under his belt, and perhaps Taylor does give the Seahawks that double-digit sack guy they sorely need, and, let's face it, have sorely lacked in recent seasons.

Tomorrow's Blog: Alex Brink on rookie RT Abraham Lucas

You can hear the One Series with Corbin Smith on Darrell Taylor HERE!

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