Well, they did it. They pulled the trigger. As the shock settles in, we attempt to understand that Russell Wilson is no longer a Seahawk.

Was it time for a rebuild? 

- 7-10 season

- 3 Offensive Coordinators in four years

- Annual sack issues that can't be entirely blamed on line play

- A season long struggle with 3rd down efficiency

- League worst Time of Possession

Yah, there's an argument to be made for it being time to rebuild the Seahawks. 

But then, we're hearing that this ISN'T a rebuild, that the Seahawks still have every intention of winning this year. 

Which begs the question...

Are they really going to try it? Are Pete & John the coach/gm combo that yearns to build a Super Bowl roster without the restrictions of a quarterback salary chewing up too much cap? Are they about to show the nation that they're the boldest and most confident management team in football?

On a day that saw the Green Bay Packers commit to paying their quarterback 24% of their cap and a QB/WR combo 35% of their cap, are the Seahawks going to break the wheel? Forget "Let Russ Cook", this kitchen belongs to Pete, a defensive-minded head coach who has exhaustively expressed a desire to run the football during a pass-happy era. Without all the Cookers hanging out on his lawn, Carroll intends to use his new draft picks and the eventual cap space he'll create to renovate the yard.


But I admit it. I'm curious. I mean, I would have preferred to see this experiment conducted using another fanbase as the lab rats, but here we go. My safety goggles are on, my lab coat newly laundered and pressed, and the glass beakers have been set over flames. Whatcha got Professor Pete?

The 9th pick in the draft now belongs to the Hawks. Were Carroll and Schneider so completely moved by the elite defensive line talent on display at the Combine that they had to have one of their own? Keyvon Thibodeaux? Georgia's Championship Dogs (and Combine Standouts) Javon Walker or DT Jordan Davis?

OR. Did they fall in love with a particular QB at the Combine?

OR. Is all this consideration fruitless, because they mean to trade down from #9 no matter what?

There's more Cap Space. $11 million more. $40 million more for 2023. And as I was proofreading this very article I'm writing, I just found out that Bobby Wagner has been released (second story pending). That's even more cap space. And the Seahawks had plenty ($35 million) to begin with. Time to get to work.

Newly acquired Noah Fant gives the Seahawks a legit starting TE with upside. DL Shelby Harris is a fit for the Hawks' new plan to play more 3-4. And free agency begins in a few days; they'll be active filling their numerous holes on both sides of the ball. And Jordyn Brooks is ready to step in at MLB.

But what about the most important position on the field? What about Quarterback?

Drew Lock is not a ready-made answer at QB. But he's at least going to be given the chance to compete for the role of "answer at QB". It's difficult for me to believe that Pete/John might turn their brand new draft picks around to acquire DeShaun Watson or Jimmy Garappolo, but I guess we can't count it out. And there's always the draft. Matt Corral? Malik Willis? Kenny PIckett? Anyone of them could be there at #9. And this is an organization that drafted its most recent "Franchise QB" with a third-round pick. 

Today is difficult for (most) Seahawks fans. Today is complicated. Today Russell WIlson and Bobby Wagner are being discussed over dinner in nearly every household in Seattle. Today is historic. But today is also fascinating. Today is compelling. Today marks a new chapter in Seattle Seahawks football. 

Today is the day the Seattle Seahawks traded Russell Wilson & released Bobby Wagner.

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