Kevin Durant to Wear Sonics Shoes Friday at Key

During Friday's NBA pre-season game between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings at Key Arena in Seattle, Kevin Durant, a draft pick of the Seattle SuperSonics, will lace up green and gold shoes to honor his first professional team and city. See the first pictures of them below!

Durant has been outspoken during the entire week about his time in Seattle holding fond memories and his connection with the city through the Super Sonics.

“I know for sure that the energy would have been crazy [in Seattle], making our first Finals like we did," Durant said in an interview recently. “The fans would’ve been amazing. The energy would’ve been insane around the city...I still think about that sometimes. It would’ve been really special.”

There will no doubt be an enormous ovation by the sell-out Key Arena crowd on Friday when they see Durant step out onto the court wearing green and gold- even if just on the shoes.

Durant did an interview with The Athletic where he discussed the Sonics relocation a decade ago and the impact on him personally: “It happened so quickly. That’s the nature of the business. It was devastating for the fans. I was just getting used to the city. I was confused emotionally about how to think about it, but as time goes on, you see the excitement of Thunder basketball in Oklahoma City, you tend to wonder. Because it was me and Nick, Jeff at the time. Once we had success, we were thinking about how crazy it would’ve been had we been making the playoffs, making the Finals in Seattle.”

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr talked at practice on Thursday about the game in Seattle and Kevin Durant's impact.

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