Doug Baldwin on Earl Thomas, Firings, and Culture

Minutes after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Dallas Cowboys in December, Earl Thomas was caught on camera going into the Cowboys locker room and saying to Head Coach Jason Garrett, "If y'all got the chance to come get me, come get me." Earl explained his comments in the locker room shortly after.

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin was interviewed by ESPN's First Take this morning and gave his opinion on Doug's comments that left many wondering about the safety's future in Seattle.

Regarding Thomas' comments to Garrett, Doug said, "Quite candidly, at the very first, or the onset of hearing what had happened, I was a little disturbed, questioning what the process was. So I had a personal conversation with Earl and we talked it out. I think it's a very simple concept. The man grew up in Texas, Dallas was his favorite team growing up, and if he has an opportunity to play with them when his career is getting towards its end, then all for it. We're still kids playing a game, let's not forget that. We take ourselves too seriously at times and this is another case of that. Earl is a very passionate player, and obviously his play hasn't diminished, no matter what happens. When he's on the field, he's on the field, and he puts it all out there on the field for his brothers. Once I had a conversation with him and actually diving into what had happened, it wasn't much of an issue.

The interview continued and Baldwin was later asked about if the Seahawks offense needs more help. Baldwin said no and gave a further comment about the offensive troubles not being the fault of Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell, who was fired on Wednesday afternoon. "I think that's what it comes down to. I know we can say 'you need this', 'you need that', 'the offensive line this', 'the offensive line that', but if you watch the tape and you know football and you know the ins and outs of our offense, you know it's really not the coaching, it's really not anything other than us just not executing," Baldwin said.

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